As often as we talk about "rabbit holes" I think we need to own up to being rabbits.

@Matt_Noyes Rabbits of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but the ferrets that are constantly being sent down our holes after us? 😉

@mike_hales Seemed like an excellent session - wonder what you think of how it went. Sorry I couldn't be there for the whole session. @ElaKa is so clear and calm.

Ela is great. I'm glad we developed the connection and launched with this thanks Ela

Session was good I thought. We struggle with the condensed format - just 60 minutes + extra time. But I think we have to make that work bcos it's not going to be possible to squeeze greater amounts of time out of very many people?

Extra channels x2
• commons.hour specials. We started to plan one for December, more participatory and practical
• Forum: session-discussion thread
@ElaKa @Wtebbens

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