I will post a few conclusions from my recent experiment about using the fediverse as an organizing medium. Each conclusion will be a separate toot, posted as I figure them out.

This might take a day or three. And then that will be the end of my planned experiment.

If anybody else has followed along and has some conclusions to offer, and you are following the @organizingInFedi group, just use the hashtag (don't need to mention the group).

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi

How about a social.coop happy hour session on the subject of groups and social.coop? We could look at your experiments as well as , which is also in the fediverse...

@Matt_Noyes @organizingInFedi
I'd be good with that but would like another couple of days to wrap up this experiment. Had some distractions yesterday and a few more today and tomorrow. I'll commit to wrapping up by Thursday latest.

@bhaugen @organizingInFedi

Take your time! Just hoping to learn from your work. I know @mike_hales has been thinking about this. Also @nicksellen's work with Karrot seems relevant, thought I don't know if Karrot is in the fediverse?

@Matt_Noyes @organizingInFedi @mike_hales @nicksellen

I''m done with my experiment altho I am still thinking about conclusions and may add another toot or three.

So I could attend the social.coop happy hour you have in mind, especially if we do one of those doodles or something to arrange a date and time.

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