Going to try streaming for GEO today, for the first time. Hoping, but not expecting, it will go smoothly. We'll be starting around 12 pm eastern. Wish us luck.

@Matt_Noyes Forget it. I don't have the bandwidth, apparently, to steam 😭

Wonder if PeerTube can stream and what the requirements are?
What about just doing it on Meet.coop, shorter? How many people do we really expect to watch?

@Matt_Noyes I don't think it's a YT thing, it's a crappy rural internet connection thing.


@Wtebbens seems to have streamed meet.coop over vimeo. Wonder if he has any thoughts?

Also, if your bandwidth is the issue, why not have the session hosted by a GEO member with a better connection?

I think that last one is the only solution. We don't have fiber optic here yet, and until we do my bandwidth won't be getting any better.

Unfortunately, this is a rather high-commitment activity, in terms of time and learning new software. It's a whole lot to ask of a volunteer.

@GuerillaOntologist I'd be willing to be the host if you can help me figure out the set up. In which case, I'd like to do it with BBB and peertube if possible (but maybe vimeo?).

@Matt_Noyes I've had nothing but headaches with Peertube, tbh. Have you had good experiences with it? I can never get a video to play for more than 30 seconds or so before I get endless buffering.

We could do Vimeo, but we'd need an account first.

I get not wanting to support google but I also feel that if I'm going to put a bunch of work into something I would like it to be on a platform that people actually use, you know? And regardless, I'll be uploading anything we record to yt anyway.

@Matt_Noyes And thanks for offering to help figure it out, btw...I should mention that too.

@GuerillaOntologist No problem. I have no experience with peertube, just a vague desire to see a successful alternative to YT. Which is not enough.
On the other hand, if you are going to put a bunch of work into something anyway, might as well put it in the direction we want to go? I don't think people care if the video they want is on YT or PT or anywhere else, as long as they have the link and it works.

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist absolutely agree with Matt here. I share the interest in PeerTube, as a federated self-hosted video hosting platform.

I read they now support RTMPS in the last version. Apparently the Degrowth Conference did do (some?) Live Streaming from meet.coop to PT, but I need to check on that, the PT results.

@Wtebbens @Matt_Noyes
No reason we can't upload to all the platforms. Streaming directly from meet.coop sounds neat, altho I was planning on using OBS to juice the production values a bit.

Matt, when do you want to get together to figure all this stuff out? Any time next week?

@GuerillaOntologist @Wtebbens

I can talk next week, of an evening or early morning. But, I think at some point we will need to talk with someone who has done what you want to do, since you know more about this than I do.

@GuerillaOntologist @Wtebbens

Btw - best resources for someone wanting to start a food co-op?

@GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes OBS is of course a powerful solution as well. It gives you more control, if you master the learning curve.

If you'd have a few recommendations and reference instructions for other meet.coop members to get up to speed w/ OBS, pls share on forum.meet.coop

@Wtebbens @GuerillaOntologist

Yikes! OBS looks great but I have no time to learn it. I wonder if there is someone who would want to volunteer for GEO as our streaming technician? Would you be willing to learn OBS or equivalent, Josh?

@Matt_Noyes @Wtebbens
I've already been teaching myself, and feel pretty confident in using it. The problem is that the person using OBS also has to be the person hosting the stream (as far as I know). But I could probably convey what I've learned to somebody else in under an hour.

@GuerillaOntologist @Wtebbens

Might be good to see if anyone else in or around GEO would be willing to host the stream -- my capacity for new tasks is pretty limited.

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist with meet.coop we have starter tot deploy streaming servers on demand, that allow hosts to live stream a conf room over tge RTMPS protocol to platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, and also recently to PeerTube

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist We have set this up for three members so far: 1) City of Amsterdam, with their Cities for Change conf programme this spring. See here a video tutorial for session hosts their case, incl streaming: citiesforchange.org/pages/sess

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist 2) The Photography Gallery held their Screenwalks sessions on meet.coop with streaming to YouTube. They were very happy with the results. screenwalks.com See their 30 June session here: youtu.be/Go-N_0AA8lk

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