"The broad promise of the idea of Co-op Cloud is the idea of growing the “Co-op stack”, in which more and more layers of the digital infrastructure we rely on are owned by the ones who rely on it. In order to achieve this beyond the application automation layer where Co-op Cloud is operating, we need to build capacity to own, manage, maintain our own server infrastructure."

@Matt_Noyes @kawaiipunk This is of great interest to me. I live in a small community (270 pax), and I'm trying to find a way to let us who live here own and run our own infrastructure, located here. A co-op is the logical answer, and it can't rely on a select few to manage the servers.

@aujawindar that sounds awesome, we'd love to help! you can come along to our "kite-flying" thursdays @ 1pm UTC, find us on matrix or send us an email to 🤘

— 3wc

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