"As innocuous as it may sound, “growth” should be understood to describe the frenzied ruination of nearly every ecosystem on the planet so that its richest human inhabitants can hold on to their privileges for another generation or two." - Ben Ehrenreich

I feel like it's only ever the "its richest human inhabitants" making this claim 😑 how about THEY employ degrowth and leave the global south alone?


"...the responsibility for global warming ...lies overwhelmingly with the few wealthy countries, the United States above all others, that profited most from early industrialization...[this] applies at the societal level as well. The wealthy consume far more resources and emit far more carbon than the rest of us... the richest 1% produce 100 times more emissions than the poorest 1/2 of the planet’s population... Leveling this gross inequity is a question of survival."

Yeah I read that. The point remains that this article is still just overly broad liberal buzzword soup. He is at once saying Biden won't do it but also saying it must be done. By who? How? Oh I know this one. It is the same old neocolonial refrain, "We, White West, Must Fix The Thing".

This article appeals to those who want it be fixed the West's way. This is a call to grab sheep clothing.

The Thing will be fixed one way or another. We are finished with the West way. Time's up.


"The white supremacy that threatens to tear the country down while strangling the rest of the globe has proved inseparable from an ecocidal urge to dominate all forms of planetary life...."

1. He just argued that "the country" i.e. the existing systems need to be torn down and rebuilt along entirely new lines. 2. Suggesting that "the country" is threatened by white supremacy - American as apple pie - is upside down. The country is the threat.

But time has been up a long time.

Like I said, liberal catchword mumbo jumbo. This is what happens if your politics fail to be rooted in any true analysis of power.

@olamina Had to look up "mumbo jumbo," not bc it was unfamiliar but bc it seemed to have colonial connotations, like "thug." What a trainwreck of a term! I am interested in Ishmael Reed's novel of the same name.

Reed's novel of the same name is a great madcap read!

@olamina Your take on the article I shared reminds me of Linton Kwesi Johnson's critique of anti-nuclear politics in the 1980s, Di Eagle an' Di Bear.

I wonder if the particular nature of the multi-faceted crisis associated with climate change is different, occurring at a deeper level?

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