Hive mind -- anyone involved in, familiar with Hylo?

Or the Terran Collective?

@Matt_Noyes seems like they say all the right things. never heard of them before.

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We met with them in the context of the Holo-REA project, and Lynn and I used to participate in the old Hylo. The Terran Collective have started to port the new Hylo to Holochain.

Might end up in some kind of collaboration, but too soon to say for sure.

We're pretty sure that what cooperative economic networks need is a combination of social and economic network software.

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So for combos of social + economic networking, we got CommonsPub going in the Fediverse, and so far Holo-REA for economic networking in Holochain, but it needs a Holochain social networking system to live in. Hylo-Holo could be the social side.


@liaizon sorry for dropping you off that Hylo thread. You tooted in the middle and my reply only @ the automatically-added participants.
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