envisioned a future in 2312 in which the hegemonic force in the galactic social-economic system is the "Mondragon Accord." It is my view that by 2320, it will have been supplanted by the spread of the decentralized "DisCo Commitments."

@Matt_Noyes I've only ever read the Mars Trilogy. Would you recommend all his others too? But, yeah, if Mondragon is still the best thing we can point to in 300 years time that'd be pretty crap.

@jdaviescoates I am not wild about his California series and don't recall being that into 2312. I was much more interested in the Three Bodies Problem trilogy by Liu Cixin. Do you have other suggestions? Always looking for new things...

@Matt_Noyes Yop, we definitely need a hollowed-out asteroid DisCO!

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