Would it make sense for Social.Coop to join The Online Meeting Co-operative?

I like this comment on Loomio by @oli

"What the folks at are doing is EXACTLY what we should be doing more of i.e. pooling skills and sharing server costs so we can actually own our own tools! The cost is not high at all - it's what you need to pay to host and use your own OS tools... and, as a co-op, they need support from the co-op community... and any surpluses will be re-invested in the co-op or shared among members... so what's not to like!?!?!"

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@nicksellen @Matt_Noyes I think that's a great idea—perfect way to add functionality without running it ourselves:)

@ntnsndr @nicksellen

OK, I will start a poll in Loomio so we can explore the idea further.

@Matt_Noyes yay! I’m talking with them @Wtebbens , and hope to join as an individual. But mainly, they need coop organisations to be members and core-fund them, while they build infrastructure and excellent early-adopter experiences. So yes, should review this matter. Will you open this in Loomio @Matt_Noyes or shall i?

@dajbelshaw The door's always open ;-)
And your thoughts on this are welcome.

@Matt_Noyes We're currently pooling resources to get a first BBB server ready on June 1st. Our idea is that members have priority and maybe more session recording capaciry but everyone will be able to register a free account with a basic personal conference room.

From June till September we pool more resources for the next phase and have nodes in various continents.

@Matt_Noyes Aim to have production service ready for Jan 2021.

So we need your support now to contract the most powerful server that we can get for June 1st!


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