@sbeebe @admin
Might be nice.
It's slow mode that I miss since joining here. That's in 3.0
Polls are in 2.8 iirc

@mattcropp @CreatureOfTheHill @sbeebe @admin @wu_lee we're slowly warming ourselves up! Having our first calls this week, and some action should follow! Stay tuned...

@nicksellen @mattcropp @sbeebe @admin @wu_lee

Happy to hear that πŸ˜€
Not rushing, or pushing. Just commenting. Rather see things done right than quick.

@CreatureOfTheHill @mattcropp @sbeebe @admin @wu_lee @Matt_Noyes

Me and @wu_lee had our first call about social.coop tech stuff, posted the minutes here ---> loomio.org/d/UwAeiBgE/meeting-

Hoping to get started with some initial minor upgrades in the next week (before I break for family Christmas)...

@Matt_Noyes @CreatureOfTheHill @mattcropp @sbeebe @admin @wu_lee

I just did a *very* minor update (v2.6.4 -> v2.6.5) mostly just to make sure I got myself all setup again, and it basically works as I last remember :)

@CreatureOfTheHill @Matt_Noyes @mattcropp @sbeebe @admin @wu_lee

I wonder when the most out of hours time is to do upgrades? (that is also a reasonable working hour for me in CE(S)T timezone.

I get the feeling there is a USA weighting, but maybe not... at some level I don't think it matters too much, shouldn't be too hooked to social media anyway πŸ˜‰

@Matt_Noyes @nicksellen @mattcropp @sbeebe @admin @wu_lee
This ⬆️
Rather have you all awake and alert and downtime that suits you therefore is the priority.

@nicksellen I'm glad these upgrades are finally happening. It's hard to recommend an instance whose software is several versions behind what most other instances are using.

@ND3JR thanks! I'm a bit away from the computer over Christmas, but keen to pick up in the new year again πŸ˜€

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