Social.Coop members and other Mastodontists! We are having an informal debrief zoom chat on the recent Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School in NYC, with @LeoSammallahti @mattcropp @michaelafisher and other Social.Cooperators who participated. All are welcome to join. Details forthcoming. For now, please RSVP on Loomio:

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp @LeoSammallahti @michaelafisher

We're long overdue for a Happy Hour video (as in, we've only done one so far), so how's about you all get together on Zoom and we can record the session for posterity?

@LeoSammallahti @GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes @mattcropp Do we have a facilitator? I've had a very hectic week so I might not be in the best mindset for it but I can facilitate if no one else is interested!

@michaelafisher @LeoSammallahti @GuerillaOntologist @mattcropp

Good question. If you facilitate will that make it harder for you to participate in the discussion?

@GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes @LeoSammallahti @mattcropp that would be great if you can facilitate! I think we are using Matt Noyes’s zoom

@Matt_Noyes @michaelafisher @LeoSammallahti @mattcropp
Also, do we need a Zoom link still? I can make one on the GEO account for us, if so.

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