Looks pretty cool! I love Wikipedia.

I started the platform coop subwiki there yesterday :)


There was already a subwiki for cooperatives and mutuals.


@LeoSammallahti @Matt_Noyes
Why do you think they rolled their own island instead of joining the fediverse?
Or can they federate?

@bhaugen @Matt_Noyes

No idea, would imagine it would be quite a different type of platform if it was decentralised.

@LeoSammallahti @Matt_Noyes

Ok, it's centralized. I guess I should have known....but I see all these other new things that are whatever:social and they are federated...


Good to see any attempt at social not based on ads.


'"Obviously the ambition is not 50,000 or 500,000 but 50m and 500m," Wales stated.'

That and it being centralised makes it a bit of a non-starter for me.

Interested to see if they do any work around interoperability though.

@neil @Matt_Noyes The Fediverse is about 3 years old, so it's normal to wait to see it mature.

I'm in, and the demographics look like Reddit's, but look, there's an iOS gaming group…

If Jimmy Wales wants to tackle on Facebook and Twitter, maybe he should bring collaboration features – unless I'm missing the point?

@neil @Matt_Noyes [When I say "it's normal to wait to see the Fediverse mature", I mean to say that nothing like this has happened at this scale on the Internet. (But maybe I'm wrong?)

I'm going to sleep, bye :)]

@redbookworm @neil @Matt_Noyes the fediverse is actually 11.5 years old. The evolution has been ongoing. The fediverse did not start with Mastodon, not by a long shot. Nor did it start with Gnu Social.

@liaizon @neil @Matt_Noyes 1) I thought the Fediverse was the ActivityPub protocol, so now I understand why Matrix is included in the-federation.info

2) I wasn't thinking about Mastodon, but thank you for bringing your knowledge and experience to this discussion. However, I assume that the Fediverse wouldn't exist _at this scale_ without Mastodon. Am I wrong?

@redbookworm @neil @Matt_Noyes that’s impossible to know, it is certainly important and I have no need to diminish its value, but there have been lots of important projects in this space that all fit together.

@redbookworm @neil @Matt_Noyes It certainly wouldn’t exist at this _scale_ without Gnu Social either figuring that Mastodon was written not as a replacement for twitter but a reimplementation of Gnu Social and got to piggyback off of an already existing network and social graph. And Gnu Social wouldn’t exist without #laconica and #statusnet and the #ostatus protocol work. And ostatus came out of alot of work being done around #indieweb

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