Just dropped in via Zoom to the Advancing the Development of Worker Co-ops session organized by . (If you listen in, please donate.)

@Matt_Noyes They're in small group sessions right now. Will post when the full group reconvenes.

@Steve @GuerillaOntologist

What's your feedback? How was it? I was in and out lurking on Zoom. Couldn't read the board, of course, so hard to folllow exactly, but seemed productive and practical.

@Matt_Noyes @Steve

It seemed to me like there was a lot of enthusiasm built among the attendees, who were by-and-large super high-quality co-op vets (like Steve, here). We set up a couple of committees to move forward on a couple of different aspects.

@Matt_Noyes @Steve I'm on the "documenting co-ops" group with Esther, Ajowa and Kathy, and also on the team that will convene monthly zoom coordination calls. I'm pretty psyched. It feels like we just brought a whole "new" contingent into GEO, while also bringing GEO into a new stage of it's existence with a bigger role in the movement....but then, I might be getting a little starry-eyed 🤩

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