I'm very proud that we implemented democratic features directly into karrot.world/ - currently there is a network of trust to gain editing rights, and discussion then score voting for group removal.

I'm not aware of other bits of software that use democratic processes to actually perform actions within the software. I'm sure there must be some others though...

Standalone democratic process tools kind of miss the point for me. I want to see democracy deeply embedded into our tools.

@nicksellen sounds really interesting! What's Karrot for exactly? There's no description on the site and I'd like to read something before signing up

@michel_slm hey, thanks for the interest. You're right that page doesn't explain much. We chat with groups first in person or via email rather than random people arriving on that page, but it would be nice to support that too.

The focus is on grassroots community food saving - collecting excess food from being wasted. Similar to foodsharing.de in German-speaking countries.

But the features are general purpose so can be used for other things.

A bit more info is on foodsaving.world/karrot

@Matt_Noyes @michel_slm @appleseed we (as a project) exchanged emails before, differences from what we can remember is that robot:
- is for bringing food to centralized food bank
- has multi-level user roles
- is available in English only
- no messaging/app

Could be misremembered/wrong/outdated though!

Important principle is that communities can input into the software - to support plurality of approaches.

Software should follow the community not the reverse. Not one tool for all people.


@nicksellen @michel_slm @appleseed Thanks, Nick! I am eager to see my friends at Colorado Springs Food Rescue networking with like-projected folks here.

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