This is a must-hear talk in preparation for our Social.Coop on @GeorgeCheney's

Michael Peck gives an articulate and informative (if selective, and at times misleading) presentation of as it stands today.

@Matt_Noyes @GeorgeCheney Just listened to that podcast. What did Michael say that was misleading? Nothing struck my ear that way.


@tbeckett @GeorgeCheney

Example 2 -- no mention of the not so positive role played by Mondragon's Laboral Kutxa (Caja Laboral) and several other mainstream banks in selling Fagor subordinated debt to people in the community, many elderly, who did not understand the nature of the investments.

Anjel Errasti calls Mondragon's industrial model "multinational coopitalism" -- running capitalist enterprises around the world to support a minority of worker coop members in the Basque country.

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