@mattcropp A favor to ask, for a presentation I will make on Weds.

Q about stats. We have:
1,218 people on
223 paying members
210 in Loomio

Is it possible to know how many people are frequent users of the instance?
Or how many rarely use it?
Same info for Loomio?

In the absence of hard info, what are your best guesstimates?

@Matt_Noyes The stats are a little wonky for the instance, because they are cumulative over the course of the week and re-set a few hours before midnight my time on Sunday nights, but I've checked a few times in the past month on Sundays before the reset and it seems we have ~170-190 active weekly users (folks who log in at least once a week).

Don't have any such stats for Loomio.

@mattcropp @alanz @nev

My guess is:
about 20 people are very active in Social.Coop governance & operations;
another 60 or so are regularly involved in g&o;
130 or so are regular users of the instance (but not g&o), and
the remaining 900 or so are occasional users of the instance.

What do others think? Does this seem accurate?

@Matt_Noyes @mattcropp @alanz @nev

Hard to tell but it feels like less than 20 active on G&O at the moment. But that could just be that they're resting.

Stats about active users could be gleaned from the database but I may not get time to try before Wednesday.

My impression is that there are many totally inactive Mastodon accounts.

A quick bedtime DB query says, in the last 4 weeks has:

6 users whose daily mean toot rate is at least 5,

34 with at least 1,

49 with at least 0.5,

92 with at least 0.1.

(These include boosts.)

@mattcropp, you're #13 in the ranks.

@nev, @alanz, @Matt_Noyes you're the top three tooters, respectively! stats and new Ops Team formation 

@wu_lee @nev @alanz @Matt_Noyes

Looks like we have a solid base of Tooters. Which of you would like to help with the moderation of our instance on the CWG Ops Team that is forming? Respond to this poll in the next 4 days:


Are those stats not available on a control panel somewhere? Monthly active, daily active, that kind of thing.

Or even just number of toots over time.


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