This is a great initiative. An important intervention and an invaluable piece of digital infrastructure to support worker cooperatives and


Wobbly* is an app started by a former Deliveroo courier @KingMob to mobilize workers like that.

If Deliveroo couriers would simultaneously launch a strike with Wobbly and a worker-owned replacement with , they could succeed better than doing only either one.

Workers and customers would not just be mobilized to strike and boycott, but also to connect with each other using an alternative platform that cuts the middleman.


@LeoSammallahti @Graham_Mitchell @KingMob

"LABOR WILL FEED THE PEOPLE. Twelve great kitchens have been offered...

"LABOR WILL CARE FOR THE BABIES AND THE SICK. The milk- wagon drivers and the laundry drivers are arranging plans for supplying milk to babies, invalids, and hospitals...

"A few hot-headed enthusiasts have complained that strikers only should be fed.. let them get this straight: NOT THE WITHDRAWAL OF LABOR POWER, BUT THE POWER OF THE STRIKERS TO MANAGE WILL WIN THIS STRIKE."

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