What if Social.Coop were available on a curated platform that offered multiple cooperative/open source apps, like Loomio, NextCloud, and Matrix? But also media like Resonate, PeerTube, GEO, and WeCo? One of the tools in a Swiss Army Knife-type collection? Something like Disroot? Maybe on Disroot?

@Matt_Noyes Curated platform sounds a good principle and helpful resource. A cooperatively governed platform? Or just a portal - a list with neat UI - not "a project"?

Could be subject to the problem that hit SC in recent months . . need to define a core of content. What's on the platform, what's not?

Personally, unfamiliar with Disroot project/site. On first look, I wonder how its aims are distinct from SC? Hacker-anarcho (FSF ethos?) as distinct from coop at the core? Is it a "not-Google"?


Social.Coop is a de facto collection of platforms: Mastodon, Loomio, Matrix, Disroot (etherpads), Git.Coop, Zoom, sometimes Google Docs/Chat, Open Collective, Internet of Ownership, in a larger network of platforms...

We also bring many interests, skills, projects and needs to these spaces, but that is another issue...

A cooperatively owned, governed & operated portal, with a neat UI sounds like a good way to organize/present this...

de facto collection of platforms

is a good way to frame it IMO. Much more descriptive than to focus simply on Mastodon - although Mastodon is the only app/platform self-hosted by SC,. The others might be seen as auxiliary to the running of the Mastodon instance? But there's a mix of traffic, only some of it about the instance. So yes "de facto collection of platforms" - *deployed by coop-minded folks*?

And Disroot = a DFCoP deployed by folks minded in some other (but related) way?

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