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I think we need to develop a smartphone app that allows users to find and connect to solidarity economy organizations in Colorado, maybe starting on the Front Range. is a good start, but we need something more user-focused and easy to use so people can quickly find coops, credit unions, social enterprises, etc.

I suppose step one is recruiting a team to brainstorm this or maybe organizing a meet-up to talk about it.

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Thanks for posting the link, I love that one! How's it going? Where used so far?

@bhaugen @dazinism @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @clayton @appleseed @maiadereva

I think no community up until now really refers to that charter, nor did we establish some kind of review procedure to check communities and mappings for "compliance" to these "terms".

@yala @dazinism @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @clayton @appleseed @maiadereva

Referrals would be nice. Checking compliance is up to the community, I would think.

But I liked it anyway.

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