苦は楽の種 or in Latin "Per aspera ad astra"... Lots of heat right now and opportunities for us to let it be hot, stick with each other, and find the roots of real solidarity in each other, in this space or across spaces.

@Matt_Noyes If the temptation to descend into birdsite behavioral dynamics can be avoided. ;)

Once I got my anxiety levels down to manageable, I've been trying to sublimate my impulses to subtoot and @ into work that that will make this place better, which it can stand to be without a doubt...

@Matt_Noyes I appreciate this big time. How does the Japanese phrase translate literally?

I understand the 'no pain, no gain' type sentiment, but Google Translate says something along the lines of 'bitter is an easy species'.. and I have a soft spot for idioms that aren't found in English :)

@jakebeamish Hi Jake, kuu ha raku no tane. I translate it as bitterness (kuu) is the seed(tane) of joy (raku). But raku is literally ease, or convenience.


Also kuu can be read as suffering and even suffocation, and the character for raku is used for fun and joy.

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