I've got a reasonably sophisticated piece of positioning equipment (Spatial Dual INS) sitting around doing not much. Anyone know of any UK/EU projects that would be interested in collaboration?

Looking at alternative options to the usual SaaS options for a Library of Things/Tool Library platform. Woocommerce/wordpress peeps, is the hire/booking functionality of Woo a feasible option for a LoT?

We've got the ball rolling on the first on-demand Library of Things (in York, UK). Delivered by bike. A world first? facebook.com/lotyork

However, now stuck on how to cover the cost of incorporating the cooperative (~£400) to then put together a Community Share Offer. Hesitant to use the typical crowd funding platforms. Thoughts anyone?

The pitch: 

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40 years ago a small band of cab drivers, dispatchers, and mechanics set out to prove that the workers could run a taxicab company better than the bosses with a focus on living wages, a human and safe workplace, and a democratic environment. I spent almost 26 years there. Congratulations to all of the members of Union Cab past and present!


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To the moon and back. Gusty Gibbon (inspired by Ubuntu release 7.10) traveled through time and space to attend the party. Brought everybody a piece of moon rock as a gift. 15th #ubuntu 🎂 #art #illustration #mastoart

What I really have in mind is finding some way into the field. Although unsure of the current demand for indoor positioning.

Is anyone else out there interested in indoor positioning using WiFi/Bluetooth? I'm aware of Find and AnyPlace, any other FOSS projects I should check out?

Hey! Looking for some 'library of things' related resources, any recommendations? Is anyone aware of any FOSS platforms in use/under development or is github.com/achimbo/leila/tree/ unique?

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Back from an awesome in Berlin last weekend.

3 days of repair activists sharing knowledge, experience and advice.
As well as the launch of the European campaign!

The overarching theme this year was Repair For Climate. Keeping devices lasting longer can have a huge effect on emissions, so we need to keep pressuring manufacturers and policy makers to let us do it.

fixfest.org repair.eu

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And now can't wait for the Festival of Maintenance in Liverpool this Saturday....

Really great schedule of talks lined up - spanning maintenance of tech, infrastructure, clothing, data, our relationships with each other, everything.


Honestly, blind growth and productivity is dead. Forget the cult of disruption and 'innovation'. Repair and maintenance is where the cool kids are at these days.

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Hi all! Do you know anyone within your network that's looking to take anyone on on a part-time basis? Remote working preferably but could travel. My background is in GIS/Geospatial Data/Surveying, but I'm looking for something a little more secure than current work, so I can dedicate more time to a fledgling co-op. Thanks!

Can anyone recommend a waterjet cutting company/hack/makerspace in the UK/Europe? (if Europe one that would post the stuff back to the UK)


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