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Peer-to-peer networks, platforms, decentralisation, worker empowerment and other forms of worker-led democracy allover. Why, then, do we need managers? Why self-management without someone being responsible never works!

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Wow, love this "protocol stack" for effective communication from at


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‪people who are an inspiration to me, are those being accommodating and humble, despite being gifted and successful.

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RT @j_kloiber: I talked with Audrey Tang about the future of democracy. You can read the full interview here: @audr… tweeted by @mozilla

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We are proud to announce that we have become a branch of - a small, dynamic and effective trade union.
Are you a worker and are worried you will be exploited by the games industry✊🏻✊🏿✊🎮

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Me and @GuerillaOntologist interviewed Emma Back from Equal Care Cooperative in the first episode of Platform Cooperative Podcast.

It's a UK multi-stakeholder owned by care givers and receivers.

Here's a link to the video of the interview:

Here's a branch of the coop:

They have a crowdfunding campaign going on over here:

For every boost this toot receives, I will donate 0,50£ to their crowdfunding campaign!

'momentum building for global grassroots democracy' – our report on Collaboration Incubator activities in 2018 is out. Enjoy our co-created 74 pages full of pictures, stories and resources.

@kavbojka @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @emi @yova @wolftune @richardb – I'd love to hear what you think about this work!

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Hackers LOVE when you use one password across all your accounts 🔓

This week on IRL, learn how online security experts keep their passwords secure AND get 3 months of free password management from @1Password. tweeted by @mozilla

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"Even if you love Chrome, adore Gmail, and live in Google Docs or Analytics, no single company, let alone a user-tracking advertising giant, should control the internet." — @zeldman tweeted by @Firefox

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Circular Change is a stakeholder engagement platform focusing on the Circular Economy. Its fundamental mission is to inform, educate, recognise leaders, interpret best practices and co-create pioneering case studies in the transition from linear to circular business models.


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"Love needs force to conquer the ruling powers and dismantle their corrupt institutions before it can create a new world of common wealth." -

Great to have love as our protagonist.

Negri & Hardt often rely on this "x has to happen before y can happen" framing. But haven't we seen that the creation of a new world of common wealth and the organization of force capable of dismantling the corrupt institutions are not stages but dimensions of love in action?

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identifies "10 Roads of Solidarity Economy"
1. The Road of the Poor & the popular economy
2. The Road of Solidarity with the Poor (donations, services, npo)
3. The Road of Labor
4. The Road of Social Participation and Self-Management
5. The Road of Transformative Action & social change
6. The Road of Alternative Development
7. The Road of Ecology
8. The Road of Women and Families
9. The Road of First Peoples
10. The Road of the Spirit.
I think it's good to recognize multiple roads.

We are having Social Pesencing Theater practice groups in Berlin again

Fr 23.11.18 16-19
Fr 7.12.18 16-19
Fr 18.1.19 16-19
Fr 1.2.19 16-19

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Cooperatives Europe is circulating a call for proposals (€26,000) for a "knowledge base" platform on co-op development. Any takers?

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