Looking forward to participate tomorrow 7pm CET in the dialogue on "power of collaboration":

What conclusions can we draw from the current crisis regarding the future of collaboration? Which skills are put to the test and which skills do we need to learn?

Join us via a simple click:

Happy Easter to you!

Would love to see some of you for Easter Social Presencing Theater

Tomorrow, Monday 4pm and 8pm CET

Let's celebrate insight, intuition, silence and community.


The man inadvertently asks for mothering.

Thank you for the nice game @Matt_Noyes

"Quienes disfrutan de unas opciones deben pensar en las aportaciones distinadas a animar y articular un proceso de desarrollo continuo, para sí y para otros."

The rules are:
Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 56, post the 5th sentence as your status.
Don't mention the title.
Copy the rules as part of your status.

@Matt_Noyes Thank you Matt! Really appreciate you bringing me more back and shame on me that I did not share it here myslef. If you like to avoid using eventbrite, you can register for it also directly via sending me a message with your email. would be amazing to have some of you join. I run this 5 more weeks every Monday twice for 60 min.

@hansup @yannick - Thank you very much. For the moment I continued working with a service called Clever Elements. they are not a coop, but they are based in my neighbourhood in Berlin and seem not connected with the big players. For my next attempt in switching all this info will be super helpful.

@x2ero Thanks! That looks like a powerful service. I just can't see that they are a cooperative or open source project, or are they?

@badrihippo @rebutte@tech.lgbt Hi, thanks. Yes, I don't seee how it can be used like Mailchimp? It's only an email program, no? wildduck.email/

@yova are you using it? I do not find a way to sign up, only to sign in. would be at last interested in their templates and UX.

@rebutte@tech.lgbt Thank you! Looking forward hearing back from you.

Hello dear Fediverse! Is there an alteranative mailing software like Mailchimp around, you would recommend?

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Hi! a friend of mine is looking for a or for using mastadon for producing this prototype for a group feedback application.

Do you know anyone he could speak to?

@mayel @mattcropp @emi @ntnsndr @kavbojka

@emi @ntnsndr I’d be interested. Good reason to finally finish my reading. 🌈

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It’s 3:30 AM and I need to go to sleep, but I’m excited that I just discovered this app called Digikam, that’s totally open source, it’s a KDE package. For managing photo collections. Its exactly what I needed and seems quite stable. I have been dreading organizing my photos cause I got sick of proprietary apps fucking with my organization.

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@clayton @Manuela oh thank you. Copy paste mistake from website. Got an email with 2019 date set for November 6-8. submission by May 31. hope they update soon!

Social and the : Envisioning sustainable and post-capitalist futures. Intl. Conference in Lisbon in November 2019. The call for papers is now open. Deadline for submission is June 30, 2018. ssecommons.cei.iscte-iul.pt/

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