Looking forward to participate tomorrow 7pm CET in the dialogue on "power of collaboration":

What conclusions can we draw from the current crisis regarding the future of collaboration? Which skills are put to the test and which skills do we need to learn?

Join us via a simple click:

'momentum building for global grassroots democracy' – our report on Collaboration Incubator activities in 2018 is out. Enjoy our co-created 74 pages full of pictures, stories and resources.

@kavbojka @mattcropp @Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr @emi @yova @wolftune @richardb – I'd love to hear what you think about this work!

We are having Social Pesencing Theater practice groups in Berlin again

Fr 23.11.18 16-19
Fr 7.12.18 16-19
Fr 18.1.19 16-19
Fr 1.2.19 16-19


Global distributed democracy – what is it for me/us? Reflections from the 2nd Day of Incubator in Oakland, USA www.collaborationincubator.net

3-day intensive training for learning skills needed to redesign cultures, institutions and worldviews on a level.

Today at Stanford University, tomorrow in the streets of San Francisco and Tuesday at California Academy of Science.

Impressions from the 2nd Collaboration Incubator in Berlin October 5-7.


More pics:

Next Incubator soon: Oakland, US, October 26-28! More dates 2019 in DE & US.

See www.collaborationincubator.net

let's integrate into


*learn about facilitation tools for complex group challenges*
*co-create an activist support network*
*build momentum for global grassroots democracy*

Application for San Francisco/Oakland Incubator, October 26-28 is open until end of this week!

Join the pioneers for this first event in the US, who bring incredible ressources and networks already.


Ich freu' mich riesig auf ein Wochenende in Hamburg mit Vordenkern und Herzensmenschen der deutschsprachigen Bewegung und solche, die sich dafür Begeistern.

Ich darf dort zwei Workshops geben:

fuereinebesserewelt.info/ueber social.coop/media/IECQHrBGNm2B

Ich freu' mich schon sehr darauf am kommenden Wochenende in Hamburg auf der "Konferenz für eine bessere Welt" Social Presencing Theater zu praktizieren. Am Samstag Nachmittag geb ich zwei Workshops.

Info & Anmeldung hier: fuereinebesserewelt.info


I am interested in chaordic organizations. Organizations that exist at the edge of chaos and order, that are self-adaptive to change.

Dee Hock writes about this

I designed a Berlin and San Francisco based program: the Collaboration Incubator. We are experimenting with building a chaordic network based on like , and

folks, please join us.

Do you think you are tolerant, open and welcoming? Do you wish everyone else on this planet should share same privilege as you do?

I am glad to learn more about inclusion, white privilege and systemic power these days. The more I know, the more I know I don't know.

A workshop with wetipthebalance.org and this short article helped me educating around the topic.

nymbp.org/uploads/…/0/26609299 social.coop/media/-zaeqOPCKWKt

from the terms of service of the open source app called 11t, that enables smartphone access to mastadon. It reminds me to one of my teachers, Arawana Hayashi. Her work is based on a Buddhist meditation form that has Love & Kindness as core values. She used saying “stop being a helper...(unless your asked to)”. social.coop/media/U6nSlHVOqSGE

Within the past 24hours I received two times 250 Euros in unexpected ways without really doing anything. That amount was more or less exactly what I was missing to cover some current expenses... I am not even really suprised. But very thankful.



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