Friends of mine are looking for movie location in Europe!

For our Russian experimental short movie (Berlin-based) we are currently looking for a house with a view on a lake (preferably old Russian/Slavic style). The shoot will take place next spring/summer for max. 3 days.

We are a small group of five female artists working on this project already over a year. Thanks for any hints!

Olja Koslova / Directing:
Alexandra Nowicky / Art Director:

@Manuela hey, what do you mean by house with a view on a lake (pref. slavik/old russian style). What does the style apply to, the house?

@syndikalista thanks for the question. what I understand is that they are looking for a small wooden house at a lake that also has a landing stage for boats. if it does have a russian slavic style that is great but not absolutely necessary! does this answer your questions? thanks for checking!

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