Hello dear Fediverse! Is there an alteranative mailing software like Mailchimp around, you would recommend?

@yova are you using it? I do not find a way to sign up, only to sign in. would be at last interested in their templates and UX.


no, I haven't checked it out myself. AFAIR it was recommended in this talk:

Probably you need to deploy it.

@yova @Manuela yes you need to deploy mailtrain, then configure it with a service to actually send transactional emails (I've used it with mailgun...). You could send from the server locally too but then have to manage reputation and stuff like that. It's hard to escape the email providers :/

But I do like the list and template stuff in mailtrain, if a little less than polished at times.

Maybe your friendly neighborhood hosting coop can set up an instance for you?

@nicksellen @yova @Manuela Mailtrain is on the list of new services for Ecobytes/Allmende, see

Feel free to leave a comment and/or upvote there to show and increase our shared interest in it.

@Manuela Here in the US I've used Action Network, which is politically oriented.

For the most part, though, I've just ended up opting for using simply SYMPA mailing lists.

@x2ero Thanks! That looks like a powerful service. I just can't see that they are a cooperative or open source project, or are they?

@hansup @yannick - Thank you very much. For the moment I continued working with a service called Clever Elements. they are not a coop, but they are based in my neighbourhood in Berlin and seem not connected with the big players. For my next attempt in switching all this info will be super helpful.

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