Peer-to-peer networks, platforms, decentralisation, worker empowerment and other forms of worker-led democracy allover. Why, then, do we need managers? Why self-management without someone being responsible never works!

@Manuela I'm surprised a member of would agree with an article like this, being as how this instance is all about decentralized management and democracy in organizations.

Also, as someone who worked for IBM during the last 2 years of Palmisano's time as CEO there, I wouldn't be using him as an example of good management. He basically ran the company further into the ground then bailed with his $50 million golden parachute as soon as he could.

@ND3JR @Manuela hi! I am working with and for self-management since several years and what I like about that article, is it’s critical reflection. I am still pro self-management, but it needs to get along with accountability! I’m for mindful leadership within cooperative structures, not for charismatic top down leaders. That’s important to add.

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