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Bought a frozen pizza. On the one hand I'm feeling a little bit dirty right now but on the other hand it's some sort of connection between the present me and the past weedbro me. Just need to find my skateboard.

A guy in the supermarket just paid the drinks for the kids in front of him, cause they didn't had enough money. You made my day, Supermarkt stranger

Searching for some good stock photos on fotolia, is the most frustrating thing ever - who is even shooting these whack ass photos!? Feels like a time machine to the 90s - without ectasy and techno and with twice as much neoliberalism and oversized, badly fitting suits.

Been a while since I ripped a DVD. H4xa0rb0y92 is back

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It would be nice to see more related discussion taking place here on the platform. Could we decide upon hashtags to stick to so that relevant toot/reply threads here can be used more easily to inform decisions?

We could have one for each working group or project:



These could also be used to crosspost updates to Masto from the proposed Weekly Updates thread on Loomio.

cc: @Antanicus @rbenjamin

On our way to the Mauerpark flea market. Let's see if we can find some nice second hand suede jacket to underscore my 'poor but sexy' image.

Trying to use a map for the visualization for the course progress. Looks super raw and unpolished but I'm interested to see how this idea developes.

This Dreamy -ish Track is on repeat for the last hours. Love it.

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Really like this app-idea - "unique synths are generated to the time of the day and other factors"

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Peertube/Queertube/FLOSS in general, social justice Show more

Thinking about why the Vengaboys named Vengaboys.. the driving forces were two girls, right!? Anyway


It was raining for ten hours now. Just arrived at work. My Chino feels like a towel used by Andre the giant. Fuck my life.

Little things in life: a big loose-knit cardigan you can put on in the morning hours, to protect your sleepy self against reality.

Hey guys! Happy to be here. I'm in my mid-twenties, studying Human Computer Interaction and living in . Currently I'm trying to earn some money and finish my bachelor thesis about an -Concept for a Smartphone Application to support a Therapy. I'm interested in , - mostly stuff, , , , - Graphic/UI/UX , and . Besides that I'm really stoked about the Activitypub development the last months.