In the last days I had the wish to get more political engaged again. Anyone here who can recommend antifascist projects in ?

Just got back from . 8,000 to 10,000 people showed up. After all the bad news about in the last few days, it just gave me real courage. <3 to all the people who have been there.

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if you're moving instances:

:anartrans_symbol: In Settings > Preferences, you can export who you follow, and then re-import that into your new account

:anartrans_symbol: the "Follows" count on your new account may be a bit lower than your old one - that's because you'll have to re-request locked accounts

:anartrans_symbol: all those you used to follow will get a notification when you follow them!

:anartrans_symbol: Under "Settings > Edit profile > Move" you can make it clear you've moved

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am 30.8 ist auch in #berlin demo gegen rechte gewalt. 18:30 hermannplatz
ob #chemnitz oder #neukölln die rechten zu boden

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International friends:
please read up about #Chemnitz #c2608 #c2708. What we are facing in Saxony and other places in this moment might be the beginning of a new wave of violent nazi uprisings and pogroms in central Europe and we can't afford the world to look away.

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Engl info about right-wing event in Germany Show more

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ich habe immer befürchtet das es in chemnitz irgendwann hochgeht.

mein 5-jähriges neffenkind mit anderer hautfarbe gestern aus der stadt geschafft - wir können uns gerade nicht mehr sicher sein, das er dort sicher ist. nicht jetzt.

ich war bis gestern noch in der stadt - war mit ihm dort unterwegs. es ist unheimlich. diese menschen haben ihn angesehen, als wäre er nen haufen kotze. das ist sein zuhause - verdammt!

For my german speaking Followers: You can watch "The Cleaners" now at the arte media library.

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DANKE an alle Antifaschist*innen, die heute nach #Chemnitz reisen oder dort bereits sind und/oder leben und sich gegen die Nazis stellen. Das ist wichtig! Passt auf euch auf. #C2708

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rt unter vorbehalt weil fucking wichtig. bis jetzt keine belastbaren quellen gefunden (was aber nix heißen muß) #c2608 #Chemnitz
Morgen spontan Demo ab 17:00 in der Innenstadt im Chemnitzer Stadthallenpark, erwartet werden 2000 Nazis die eine Spontandemo angemeldet haben! BITTE TEILEN! #c2608

Are there any demonstrations in because of the manhunt in today or in the next days? Google couldn´t help me and I don´t have a fb account anymore.

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Speaking of technological aesthetics, there’s one in particular that has been and needs to continue coming back...


Just started reading White teeth from Zadie Smith - could imagine it becoming my favorite of the year (with the worst cover [German version]).

Distance buses - fuck yeah. On my way to leipzig

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tabacco, a flyer from you local Antifa group, a book and headphones

Just before the train reached the station and the doors opened, my bag got caught in the seat. With a lot of panic pulling and looking at the door, I got out in time. I'm going to be a little more careful today.

Just missed my bus to Leipzig. Fuck my life

If anyone is interested I got my tildes invite yesterday. The community tone is nice and there are a lot of valuable discussions. I could imagine it becoming an alternative to Reddit

There is a guy standing next to me in the u8 playing some oldschool R'n'B with his speakers. Feels like an elevator or hotline in here. love it

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