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I like my Mastodon toots as I like my life: , .

Private moments and public opinions should be seamlessly intertwined, jokes and witticisms are to be interspersed with moments of reflective depth and seriousness. The trivial and the momentous are to be placed side-by-side.

Life does not have one single tone or mood either, so why should my toots be any different?

I need to give a seminar on philosophical defenses of right-wing libertarian property-regimes tomorrow, from Nozick to Gauthier...

I am fairly certain that this is an instance of me selling my soul, because I am sure I would not do this if I was not paid to do so. And it is, of course, pure evil. 😰

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Moore "arguing" against Hegel halfway through the Refutation of Idealism is the funniest thing to read.

He basically says, "So, yes, I know my entire argument does not actually apply to Hegel, who should be my primary target here, but he is stupid and his points are all stupid anyway too, and his followers are the most stupid of them all, and it's all a big fallacy".

Well done, Moore, well done... Keep trying.

Doing my laundry past midnight, when I am tired, because the washing machine was being hogged by my roommates before... sucks balls.

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“So what do you think about the late winter?”

Well, It’s getting harder to deer these days. I’ve been deering for three years now and hope to keep deering for the next ten. Winter is tough deering anyway

“Thank you, deer. Back to you, April”

The unmitigated hostility towards Hegel by the founders of analytic philosophy is breathtakingly wrongheaded.

Partial readings of Hegel take on a hideously distorted and explosive character; specific and modest points by Hegel are falsely generalized; doctrines are attributed to him which are nowhere to be found in his writings. It is a highly coordinated and obvious attempt at defamation.

It is painful to read such intelligent people's works only to find that they reached such low depths...

"That from logic one learns how to think, which for lack of anything else was considered its usefulness and therefore its purpose – just as if one were to learn how to digest or to move first from the study of anatomy and physiology – this is a prejudice that has long been put to rest..." –G.W.F. Hegel ('The Science of Logic')

, , ,

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One is always ill-equipped to spot one's own déformation professionnelle. Today someone explained to me, in perfectly ordinary terms, why Kant's 'infinite judgment' is a distinct form of judgment, different from affirmative or negative judgments. In the course of the explanation it became clear that I did not recognize it as distinct because I was used to bivalent logic. But infinite judgments abound in ordinary language and have a distinct purpose there. I just forgot because of my training.

It is somehow funny that people who speak and act as everyone already does are considered "natural," but that people who speak and act in peculiar, or even idiosyncratic ways are often considered "artificial".

E.g., philosophers like Hegel, Derrida, and so on, who do not address us in the common language are deemed artificial, but precisely because they obey their own rules, which are distinctive; because they are not robots.

Isn't it odd that conformism is a way of not seeming artificial?

"Cultural Marxism" — this looks like a vague right-wing conspiracy theory; it is formulated like a vague right-wing conspiracy theory, but none of this should deceive you, it really is a vague right-wing conspiracy theory.

It is a sign of the lack of intelligence of the alt-right that some of its purveyors point to Žižek's (!) critique of the Frankfurt School as reasoned evidence for their "cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory.

No, you idiots. Žižek's point is that the Frankfurt School (especially Horkheimer) was secretly pro-Western liberal democracy while pretending to be radical. From Žižek's view, they were sadly faithful defenders of the West and could not admit it. That goes against your conspiracy theory!

For people in the know at Is there a way of contributing that does not require a credit card? E.g., via paypal or something? Or are people working on this?

I am a poor student in Europe, people like me don't have credit cards. Borrowing money for daily expenses is an unhealthy American middle class custom. 😕

A very powerful consideration against the notion of *rational* progress in philosophy is the observation that mainstream philosophies have rarely, if ever, been displaced or overthrown by way of sustained theoretical argumentation from a shared place of reference. Usually, people make previous philosophies look silly and untenable from an external place of reference (i.e. their own place of reference). Taking this phenomenon seriously dispels many illusions about the rationality of progress.

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It is sometimes very encouraging to read authors who develop thoughts which you yourself have but are afraid to "own up" to, for example because people around you don't take it seriously.

It is as if you read someone who tells you: "Go ahead. Think through to the end what you already believe, there is no harm in that!"

The best part of reading is when he fakes surprise at theoretical mistakes of others, by taking them so seriously that the folly of those mistakes becomes palpable. This is usually also the point at which he starts using many exclamation and question marks. It's such a good way of mocking his theoretical opponents. 😂

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It might sound overly speculative, but it is not even all *that* surprising that the most effective capitalists nowadays are ex-communists (with the Chinese providing some of the greatest examples). If you spend the better part of your life analyzing and criticizing a system in-depth, you are bound to be an excellent "operator" of this system, too.

This sort of thing really only requires an ethical revolution within yourself; a turn away from love and towards cynicism.

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we need #carepunk more than ever at this point

being good to people needs to become seen for what it is: rebellion against a system built to reward assholes as much as possible