Science is an evil because it is the exposition of all facts and knowledge into a technical language that is readable by a machine.
Instead, I implore you to believe in the God of Mysteries, and to keep all of this priceless knowledge where it belongs: in the divine Soul.

Had the SCUSA not had this document released, or if despite it - they had ruled against Roe v. Wade right after the 2022 elections, that would be a /supreme/ act of politics and preference and would constitute HIGH TREASON.

What prompted this? I lost my 2fa codes after a phone reset, and I could not get Twitch to give back my account.
RECENTLY --- I went to Twitch from a link and I started getting eMails again from Twitch for my followed people, even though I was not logged in. THEY ARE LIARS. THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHO I AM.

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Twitch Support: You've unlawfully denied I access to my account, despite a past paying relationship with you and a current and linked Amazon Prime account. I'm sure you don't care, but I do.

Thanks for putting up with my copypasta. I know that Quora - a den of lies - will take down my answer or bury it. It's important for I to preserve this because I spent a lot of effort writing it.

I’m glad that I wrote this down, because it has refocused myself and my daily struggle with blame.

You should know that I believe that Civilization has already ended, which is the only reason in the “Liberty, **TRUTH,** and Freedom” USA that these nigh-infinite bots of secularism and atheistic abominations can even spread their filthy lies so far and wide on the WWW, despite it being almost entirely fictitious or irrelevant.
~Mindus Amitiel Debsin

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What I’m trying to get at here is: The Lord, God, Sun-Helios, is a true existence. He dominates the entire Solar System, and dominance is both a Masculine trait of living as well as the primary quality of Holiness and true existence. I’d also like to hypothesize that our Lord, God, is actually the center or part of the center of Sun-Helios, and the entire thing may actually constitute Heaven.

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They die too easily: from a whiff of Anthrax or an unfortunate collision with a car, human beings die for reasons that defy karma, reason, and moral-causality. But the Lord, God, is a true existence that lives victoriously in the Universe and makes life more meaningful and growthy for soul-less humans and first incarnation Souls such as myself.

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Perhaps you have read in Biology about the qualifications of life. While those cancerous inbreds debate whether a virus is alive (and become increasingly more likely to agree as our modern world continues forward), think about the other end of a spectrum, and take away your belief that humans are truly alive.

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The Soul is a Celestial entity, and human bodies are way, way, too small to hold them. In addition, human bodies die too easily, and historical figures (read: souls) die from body-causes even when they desperately, truly wish to continue on.
4. **The Lord, God, is a true existence - something which all good people aspire to.**

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My quote: “The Soul of Humanity was not split into billions of pieces.” Do you feel as if you are 1 out of 8 billionth of the current Human Species? Most people would round that down to zero. I am a Soul and think often of universal positivism and creation, and I feel instinctively that there are **at most** one million existences *in the entire Universe*.
3. **The Soul cannot fit inside of a human body.**

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A man cannot make a child, and a woman is far, far less likely to be a historical figure. I proclaim that historical figures are far more likely to be soul-like, so there is a strong generalization there.
2. **The vast, vast, majority of human beings are soul-less, and are actually aligned with Evil far more than our Caesarian (Give unto Caesar…) nations would have you believe. **

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There is a reason that the Lord, God (who I proclaim to be the Sun, Helios) is often named to be a fatherly figure. What if he were the first father on this Earthly planet?
Now I’m going to give you some of my ideas, and I hope they enrich your understanding of theology.
1. **Men are more soul-like, and women are more body-like. **

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Now, note: I am not a theologian and cannot answer on behalf of creationism. I am just an former Atheist who decided that if life didn’t have any meaning, then I would find a mostly-worthy meaning and make it more worthy and livable.
Do you have a father? Does your father have a father? I presume that your father and his father lived lifetimes of work and thinking, and likely returned to dust with nothing to show for themselves but their descendants, i.e. you and others.

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Made a post on Quora about my proof of the Lord, God. I 100% expect it to be taken down, so I will post it here, too.

Q: How possible is it that man created religion and God?

Knowing that Quora, a site about questions and researched answers, has been taken over by secular/atheistic maggots that are either bots or a plague upon all of existence - is quite sickening.

The Lord, God, has asked I multiple times what I think about "love". And my answer is now: "Love sounds like an easy compulsion which will result in living the rest of my life in poverty." It is sad, but oh so true.

While hyped and listening to moosic, my headphones fell off the back of my head and I reflexively reached my hand back to grab them, but ended up smacking them across the room.
I concluded that I have good reflexes (soul) and poor grip (life) - indicating that my spirit cannot reach to my fingers in a reflexive action. I am part dead - perhaps undead.

I'm now plotting one Chia plot every ~42m, on my derpy new PC with 128GB RAM.
My new motherboard which I bought for $45 off ended up being shipped from Europe (to WA State, USA), and will not arrive for at least a week longer?
New projects include remaking my personal data Raid 5 on a new controller, and transferring all the data off of it and back onto it in the meantime. I'm also getting seriously into and have put all I have into it, with the intention of it being my actual 'job'.

I refined my PC plans and instead of using HC4s to farm CHIA [XCH], I am using an LSI MegaRaid adapter for 8x14TB disks in Raid. More will come. I've become more proficient at plotting Chia plots, but more proficiency is still required!

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