obsessed with @flancian@twitter.com 's @an_agora@twitter.com , wikilinks everywhere and transclude everything!!!

RT @flancian@twitter.com

[[agora bot]] Twitter integration is now online. If you follow @an_agora@twitter.com or mention it, *and* use a [[wikilink]] in a tweet, the Agora will try to:

1. respond to your post with links to the Agora.
2. attach a link to your post in all the nodes you mentioned. twitter.com/flancian/status/14

🐦🔗: twitter.com/flancian/status/14

from a fellow co-oper at social.coop , where I routinely see the wildest dreams for a healthy internet for anyone that's interested in that kinda thing.

which, social.coop or agora? I bet @flancian could explain better than me :)

@jonny @flancian agora! all i saw were [[crazy]] optimistic [[statements]], but i think i get it now.


@jonny @flancian ok did that liast step of following @agora ... what will happen if I do [[fediverse]]

@Literally @jonny @flancian that would work if it weren't broken :) apologies for the disruption, the mastodon bot seems down. taking a look now :)

@agora @Literally @jonny turns out I didn't code the [[mastodon]] bot to watch replies, it seems? Working on fixing this :) It should work if you use it for a 'root' toot though.

@Literally @jonny @agora thank you for your interest in the Agora! It's early days, but I like to think it's got good bones :)

@Literally @jonny @agora the intention is to support these and other conventions to signal an intent to (optionally) integrate, cooperate towards shared goals.

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