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Ah seed crowdfunding.

I worked with these guys on the accelerator, and they are the real deal.

and other banks are less likely to go bust, but when they do, are they more likely to cause less damage than otherwise comparable shareholder banks that go bust?

DuckDuckGo is a privacy respecting alternative to Google search that doesn't track users, but only shows ads based on the words searched. The movement should set up an DuckDuckGo ad purchasing cooperative for .

Someone choosing to use DuckDuckGo instead of Google might also be the right type of person advertise to when they use it search for Spotify or to when they search for Reddit.

I can donate 10$ for ads to every coop who joins.

Came back from Malta meeting with @stevergill working on called . It will be the worlds first stock exchange for cooperatives, and will allow anyone to invest as little as 1 cent to coops around the world.

It has some of the best and most experienced brains of the movement behind it.

Feel so fortunate, happy and excited. Thank you the whole global online coop community, never hesitate to ask if I can help you with any projects. Want to dedicate my life to this.

Today in the quiet co-op consensus: David Brooks talking up worker ownership for the gig economy.

The first conversion in to be partially financed by my organization's revolving loan fund, Vermont Computing Cooperative, has just paid that loan back in full with interest, so it will be available to the next group of employees of modest means seeking to ... 💖

Politics is not just for the mid-terms! If you have been energised/radicalised and are looking for some way to continue helping, ProgCode ( are a group of progressive coders and non-coders, working on tech for political change.

You don't need to be a coder to join, there's lots of ways for people of any background to help out, just fill out the registration form and get involved!

My own project, Wobbly (21st century worker's power), has been massively helped by ProgCode

I'm quite curious about the experiences of folks on here at -- if any of you has worked in co-operative and other more self-organized structures, can you share if/how were "performance evaluations" done? And, relatedly, did compensation have any component related to "performance"? (And if so, how did that work?)

is a alternative to Airbnb.

It's going to be a zero commission platform for Hosts that will ask Guests and Travellers to crowdfund a social project in YOUR own neighbourhood when booking your flat/room/accommodation, on top of that (and only if you will feel comfortable with it) you will be able to voluntarily help your guest increase its donation.

If you want to join, pre-register your accomodation or neighbourhood social project now.

Cooperatives Europe is circulating a call for proposals (€26,000) for a "knowledge base" platform on co-op development. Any takers?

, a replacement for Reddit, has got a 680£ from UnFound (the worlds first platform coop accelerator) to recruit users.

We won't use it to buy ads from big corporations, but by funding projects like . We offer SC members different "mini tasks" individual members and existing Social Coop working groups can do that WeCo will reward by donating to Social Coop.

Here's a link and a screenshot about the post on Loomio:

The European Commission has published their Free Software inventory yesterday. It is interesting to see that 99% of desktops have Firefox installed. But the 98% of "Info-Zip" installations are actually even more interesting. They demonstrate exactly what the purpose of the #FOSSA project is: to show how much we rely on Free Software in our #infrastructure. That is why the EU must contribute to Open Source.

Been distracted from other priorities by trying to stay somewhat engaged with promoting the STAR voting campaign in Lane County, OR — the first initiative anywhere in the world to implement this truly better democratic voting system…

In Finland I will soon be part of launching a similar to Savvy.

We need a fairly simple WordPress site. If you can do it today or tomorrow, we can pay 80€.

Don't care where you are, but will prefer people who like coops.

Send me a private toot or email me at

An excellent piece on why decentralizing everything doesn't work and what to do instead by @ntnsndr – "We should care less about whether something is centralized or decentralized than whether it is accountable. An accountable system is responsive to both the common good for participants and the needs of minorities; it sets consistent rules and can change them when they don’t meet users’ needs."

Picture is my FB post about global movement titled:

"Coop Exchange Can Open A New Page In The History Of Financial Cooperatives"

is soon to be launched global online platform that will enable investing in coops without forcing them to compromise their democratic ownership.

Here's the founder @stevergill explaining what he's doing in a long CoTech post posted while ago.

Here's Coop Exchanges YouTube channel.

Oh wow, #DuckDuckGo seems to be getting lots of visitors lately :blobsurprised:

I guess it is possible to make popular #alternatives if they're as user-friendly as the site they're replacing.

#DeleteGoogle #SearchEngines

This is a great initiative. An important intervention and an invaluable piece of digital infrastructure to support worker cooperatives and

Denver tech workers organizing committee just double its membership. heyooooo

we're pretty close to forming an industrial union branch.

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