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What ways could First Tech Federal Credit Union and cooperate?

- 2nd financial institution in the world to perform secure internet transactions.
- Biggest credit union investment advisor.
- 456k members
- 11.4$ billion in assets.

could organize members to take part in FTFCU board elections. I will put 50$ to their campaign!

In 2017 FTFCU contributed 30,000 hours volunteering and 3.1$ million in charity. Even 5% going to would be a huge deal!

What if Social.Coop were available on a curated platform that offered multiple cooperative/open source apps, like Loomio, NextCloud, and Matrix? But also media like Resonate, PeerTube, GEO, and WeCo? One of the tools in a Swiss Army Knife-type collection? Something like Disroot? Maybe on Disroot?

I didn't know about this -- selected Social.Coop content is on We Collective:

Okay, @ntnsndr @clayton @natstein @GeorgeCheney @appleseed

I think we need to develop a smartphone app that allows users to find and connect to solidarity economy organizations in Colorado, maybe starting on the Front Range. is a good start, but we need something more user-focused and easy to use so people can quickly find coops, credit unions, social enterprises, etc.

I suppose step one is recruiting a team to brainstorm this or maybe organizing a meet-up to talk about it.

What was the most brilliant project added in the @internetowners directory in July 2018?

Vote for your favorite on , a for link sharing and discussion.

What's the appropriate way to celebrate the work of the tech working group?

🌲 :TwinPines: 🙇‍♂️ 💽 🤖 💓 ?

is a Reddit with:
- Polls
- Better categorization (on Reddit physics and science are separate subreddits, on WeCo physics is a childbranch of science).

We'll be a legal coop soon, allowing equal co-ownership to all.

We got a 680£ grant to to recruit users and want to fund individuals and groups that share our values and want to grow WeCo. We're open to all ideas.

If you're interested, toot me or join our discord:

When travelling, I use #HappyCow to find #vegetarian #vegan restaurants. Is there a similar thing for #coop #coops?

US approval at 62%, 15 yrs high. 18-29 yolds most pro .

Even Republicans:
- 45% approve, 47% don't.
- 22% want more power for , 11% did in '09.

Unions enable election campaigns without oligarch money. Pro-union stance can split the republican vote. Unions could:

- Help retiring business owners move to .

- Boost .

- Help against big banks.

- Use and *.


I've just created a #Loomio group, for the development of #Fediblog (Easy self-hosted, ActivityPub, Markdown, PHP, NoSQL, fully customisable blog engine for noob web devs and others!)

We need a speakers bureau! People who are willing to travel for speaking engagements, less formal exchanges, skills shares, etc.

I'm particularly intrigued by the way Outlandish use CoBudget to
> "put surplus profit into a central pot and assign funds to pro bono projects

I wonder if this could work on a larger scale? What if a global network of ethical tech cooperatives used a shared CoBudget instance to pool some funds in a central pot, and decide together how to distribute this as funding for pro bono work?

Does anyone have any resources to look at re: structuring co-ops? (Esp housing co-ops.) My friends and I want to make a good one in the next few years and while I def think we can do our dishes and pay rent on time, are there organizational things we can do to make things easier and be more successful?

#coops #organizing #housing

Loved this interview @ntnsndr! Shared it with our small followers.

"Let's become artists of ownership, and get creative about what ownership can mean"... YES!

OP Group is a cooperative and the biggest bank in Finland. It's spending 400€ mil./year on digital development. It's also expanding to electric car renting and owning hospitals.

Googles 1$ mil. is as far as I know the biggest single investment to platform coops so far. That's less than 0.25% of OPs 400 mil budget.


- How would you like to see OP invest in platform coops?

- Would you be more likely to contribute to a platform coop project if it was funded by OP and not Google?

Anybody know anything about this project? Worker Co-op conversion with attempted funding through Indiegogo:

Good day! I am wondering if there are any international platform coop folks here that might be interested in discussing a US | International hybrid for our project

Yo Mastodon!

I run a very small bootstrapped software company (founded in 2010) and am currently working on an open-source alternative to Google Analytics:

Follow me to talk about #saas #bootstrapping #programming #golang #opensource #books #sql or #sysadmin stuff.

Let's toot!

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