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I'll start a blog on to Pellervo, an umbrella organization for Finnish coops.

Finland's perhaps the most coop based economy in the world, with the biggest bank and the biggest grocery store chain (also the biggest private employer) both coops.

Would love to collaborate with by translating my articles in English before publishing, and going through them with the SC reading group. Also taking ideas for articles, mention projects from SC members, etc.

Really pleased with the progress that we've made running an in-person workshop with Outlandish (co-op) for the #MoodleNet project.

Working collaboratively, the always-impressive @mayel has researched, documented, and decided upon an approach to front-end development in double-quick time.

GitLab issues:

PS that's Rob from Outlandish in the photo, not Mayel!

Cochrane Collaboration is the leading authority on evidence-based medicine.

They expelled a board member who was elected with the largest number of votes. 4 other board members resigned as a protest.

The reason was his opposition to conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry and support for transparency and more democratic accountability.

I love randomized trials and evidence-based policy and medicine. This is big and bad.

Here's his letter.


When the home care in Wisconsin found itself in a rough spot, rather than laying off frontline workers, they eliminated their executive director position and gave everyone raises with the savings.

The Free Software Foundation Europe (, a nonprofit behind the Public Money, Public Code project, advocates for making all publicly-financed software open source.

My simple "echo-chamber silencer" idea for , a replacement for Reddit.

In a nutshell:

1. There's a poll on whether you support or oppose nuclear energy.

2. You vote in opposition to it.

3. The top comment shown to you is from a person who voted in support of nuclear energy, but was most upvoted by people who voted in opposition to it.

This could encourage comments that seek to appeal to those who disagree with the comment.

Just had an idea that there could be an @internetowners podcast where each project added to the directory would be offered a chance to be interviewed.

We could crowdsource questions for example here in Mastodon and in Social Coop Loomio group.

I would be able (but also happy to let others do it also if they would like) to do all the interviews.

Do you like the idea? Be BRUTALLY honest.

@ntnsndr , @devin , @Matt_Noyes

@mattcropp has done similar stuff on Cooperative Vermont Youtube channel.

My article on an idea for a new comment rating mechanism based on Anatol Rapoports rules of constructive criticism for , a replacement for Reddit.

"Each reply to a comment could be upvoted as in Reddit, but in addition, they could be given a rating based on

* How fairly the reply portrays the original commentators stance

* If there was any acknowledgement of learning something

* Whether there was an attempt to seek a common ground."

How can I, a public university employee at the bottom of the totem pole, start working today to try and end the University's dependence (read: wholly ensnared state) on proprietary, corporate owned/backed software?

Anybody know of any orgs that work on this, or have any experience fighting this kind of thing?

It makes for a very depressing state of affairs, being so reliant on these capitalist structures.

"the increased entry of new platforms
with different forms of ownership, including cooperatives and social
enterprises and those owned by local authorities, into markets both with
and without existing operations from the universal platforms. This should
occur primarily at a geographically local level..."

I'm involved in an app called Wobbly that will help workers to mobilize according to principles.

The founder @KingMob has himself been a Deliveroo courier, and his experiences sparked the idea for the app.

We seek to make the app into a multistakeholder coop when it's launched.

Everyone is welcome to join our discord group (, also feel free to message me.

We're looking for a , so please retoot!

Here's an article about it:

@ntnsndr s article "Populism Of Hope"* is my favorite article of all time.

The concept of "democratic countereconomy of mutual self-help" articulated something that really hit me hard.

Been reading about the refugee crisis, and one of the proven solutions is for the rich countries to give reduced tariffs for imports from special economic areas that employ refugees near crisis areas.

It's removing obstacles for mutually beneficial relationship than asymmetric "aid".


"Come meet Seikatsu—Japan's cooperative powerhouse. Oorganized by women as a buying club, the co-op now has over 320,000 members, has created worker cooperatives through their supply chain, and developed a leadership academy to train members... "

"Organizada por mujeres, la cooperativa ahora cuenta con más de 320,000 miembros... ha creado cooperativas de trabajo a través de su cadena de suministro y desarrollado una academia de liderazgo para entrenar a sus miembros..."

Labours shadow chancellor McDonnell: "Labour will give power to workers through ‘ownership funds".

"private companies employing more than 250 people would have to set up “ownership funds” giving workers financial stakes in their companies and increasing powers to influence how they are run ... Ultimately, the Inclusive Ownership Fund would turn every business into a John Lewis-style workplace, with internal democratic structures giving employees greater influence."

Moving from a need-oriented to a desire-oriented consumerist society.  Thanks a lot, Edward Bernays.

Upwork's time tracker software "tracks hundreds of freelancers while they work by saving screenshots, measuring the frequency of their clicks and keystrokes, and even sometimes taking webcam photos of the workers".


Finished Paul Colliers "Refuge: Transforming a Broken Refugee System".

The way refugee crisis was dealt in Jordan seems good.

- Special economic zones that employ both locals and refugees are set up.

- World Bank gives loans for building the infrastructure in those zones with support from rich countries.

- EU gives beneficial deal for imports from those special economic zones.

- EU gets cheap imports, Jordans export industry grows, refugees gets work and remittances to Syria grow.

There's going on all the time that are easy to miss. Too often media focuses on single dramatic events. Humans are often more risk averse than opportunity seeking. But we are also more opportunity seeking than any other species ever.

We're at 4 million electric vehicles.

It took:

20 years to reach 1 million
18 months to reach 2 million
8 months to reach 3 million
6 months to get to 4 million

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