I've been cooperating on a platform coop called WeCollective, a Reddit alternative with:

- Polling tools
- Subcategories
- Democratic governance
- Transparent and nonprofit

We are not yet legally a coop, but will eventually be.

Here's a teaser about it, and there's other videos also.

The site is already up and running at

Anyone can register and join!

@samtoland , this is what I was about to link you!

@LeoSammallahti @samtoland hey, are you in Finland? I am in Finland, so was just wondering 😀

@brylie Yeah, in Helsinki! Are you visiting or living here?

@LeoSammallahti @brylie I am living in Tampere for three years now. We started a co-op here, and are developing an open-source wellbeing tool for elder care communities.

Perhaps we can collaborate on some open-source development?

@brylie Absolutely! I'm standing as a candidate in the next coop bank elections later this year.

Would be very enthusiastic to help you. Do you have a link to your projects or so?

My email is, don't hesitate to contact me!

@LeoSammallahti yes, our wellbeing project is on GitHub:


We are developing in partnership with local caregivers, and have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions. We are currently making changes to the data model, so we can add historical reporting and visualizations.

@LeoSammallahti @samtoland Oh cool! I'm actually working on my own open source social media. I'll have to take a look at your project, maybe we can learn from each other. :D

@samtoland @LeoSammallahti Made an account and am checking it out. Looking around, I don't see any way to subscribe to a particular area, is that not implemented yet? :/


Great!! Thanks for joining.
>Click on the branch
>Click on the branch nucleus (image of a circle, left side below the branch icon)

Here's a screenshot to help you out.

Tell me when your social media site is up and running, sounds interesting.

If you or anyone else wants to collaborate with us on the WeCo, don't hesitate to contact me or post on WeCo.

My email is snasolid@gmail

@LeoSammallahti Aha! I see it. You should probably make that more obvious, it's kinda hard to find at the moment.

My site is actually running right now, though not all of the planned features are implemented yet. You can see it here:

I'd love to collaborate, though I'm not sure on what. I can link you to the source code for my site though, if you're curious. XD

@Angle Thanks for the feedback, I will tell this to developers.

We are currently working on many updates and upgrades, but am sure that we will later also address this.

I've registered on your site, it looks innovative and like a clever idea on how to visualize the discussion, although I havent fully wrapped my head around it. I will follow how how the site progresses with great interest.

Do you use Reddit? I could perhaps send you an email about possible ways to collaborate?

@LeoSammallahti you can email me at ribbonwing@gmail. I have a reddit account but never check it, so that's not a great way to contact me. This mastodon account is actually very reliable, so if anything will work it should. XD

@LeoSammallahti thanks for sharing.

Curious - how many people are working on it at present besides yourself? :)

@LeoSammallahti @samtoland Interesting idea, do you have any intention of making the app a federated network?

@deadsuperhero @samtoland

I have not thought about it or heard it talked about, but we want new people joining and taking part in developing it further.

So far because of small userbase and young age, theres no strict plans yet for "bigger visions".

If you or anyone else is interested in some sort of collaboration, we are happy to engage with everyone.

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