Been thinking about a user-owned that would be something like a coupon site for products that are made to last and easy to repair.

Basically getting a group of consumers to pool together their purchasing power to collectively bargain for better deals in terms of longer warrants, modularity, interoperability and open-source.

If anyone here is interested in getting involved in any way let me know. Would like to get a draft of a plan ready for the worker coop I work for in mid-June.

@LeoSammallahti Yes.

This coincides with my efforts towards a recycling initiative orienting on an old factory in my hometown and getting people to work together.

Especially if this includes ways for the momnpop / coop / etc local and distributed orgs to get on board and lend their weight to the bargaining table. Especially as "we will carry X if it is made to the spec the people are asking for" sorts of actions.

(attempted to get this off the ground a few years ago as, and adjacent to that has been @Anarkat 's efforts towards safe spaces and education about ethical choices in tech re-use...I'm takiwātanga so am unsure if I personally will work in your idea of when this will happen, and I know Kat has their hands full too...)

I want something like this to happen, and I will absolutely do what I can from here to make this thing you are asking about come to realization.

What are you thinking for next steps?
What are your blockers and priorities?

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