Co-op Data Club is a new .

The idea is simple: any coop that wants to promote other coops and/or wants to be promoted by other coops can join. Its free and doesn't require promoting anything.

Individuals can also join by signing up to the clubs newsletter.

We are focused on email: many coops have a newsletter, and it would cost nothing for them to add promotions of other coops in the newsletters.

You can also read more here:


Not yet but will be reaching out to Savvy Coop soon. Have you come across Savvy or/and did you have some coops in mind we should reach out to?


Brave just joined us :)

We will get in touch with coops you mentioned

@Steve @LeoSammallahti @Matt_Noyes
Does this new website design have any place where I can see a list of current members? What is the organizational structure you're using? Is this a co-op, a personal project, or something else? The website doesn't make it clear.

And am I wrong, or has the plan changed in the last month or so? We read through the old site at the GEO gathering and there was a whole lot of stuff on there (about payments and patronage) that seems to have now disappeared.

@GuerillaOntologist @Steve @Matt_Noyes

Its a coop, the blog section has two articles describing the proposal for our current plans for how its structured but we will be involving the existing members before we formalize the structure.

The current 14 members are listed in the front-page. We decided to focus atm on free coop-to-coop promotions, later on we will start focusing on building a dividend & patronage system similar to ones the earlier version described.

@LeoSammallahti @Steve @Matt_Noyes
Ok, thanks. Don't know how I managed to miss the member roll initially... :blobhyperthink:

@GuerillaOntologist @Steve @Matt_Noyes

No worries! Happy to have a call with rest of the GEO folks if you want to discuss joining.

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