Successful social democratic movements were built on cooperatives, unions and the party forming an intertwined ecosystem of mass membership organisations that provided tangible benefits in the everyday life of the ordinary people who participated in them.

My new article "Cooperatives can help explain the rise and fall of social democracy. They can also help revitalise it." on Mutual Interest, a free-to-read media owned by the readers and the writers.


That article was inspired by @ntnsndr "Populism of Hope Begins When People Feel Their Own Power". It caused one of the biggest AHA! moments of my life.

Had been a member of the social democratic party since I was 16, and was obsessed with explaining its decline.

That piece made me realise that it wasn't about leaders or the election manifesto policies - it was about how we do organising.
Working on a longer, better written article that delves into this in more detail.

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