Where is the clap for digital marketing people like me?

Want to see these healthcare workers trying to cope one day in their life without pop up windows advertising Bulgarian copycat viagra.

@LeoSammallahti there's still £90.20 sitting in my cupboard in an envelope with your name on it.


You're not the only one. That is a way for me to signal to people:

"I'm important. I'm doing something valuable."

@LeoSammallahti "I don't care about £90, it's nothing to me. But it's still mine"


Yeah, working on a book titled "365 Power Moves For Disruptive Leadership".

It's basically hand to hand combat meets chess in the world of hyperentrepreneurship where winner takes it all.

Mix of autobiography, relationship advice, evolutionary psychology, Viking & Samurai business strategy, blockchain etc.

Each 5 moves combined form a "technique". The "90£ in the drawer" move is not included even in the top 10 deadliest techniques.

@LeoSammallahti this virus stuff is really a blessing in disguise if we can get powerful literature out of it

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