Wikipedia Coop Fund just facilitated the first edit. @Jon_Envisioneer proposed in our adding a mention in the PG&E Wikipedia page about a proposal to turn it into a , and I did it (see image).

The fund is a that sponsors and organises people to write to Wikipedia about coops. Anyone in the world can join for 1£/month, we have 9 members.

Here's article about us:

Our Open Collective.

Our Loomio.

@LeoSammallahti Thanks Leo. This is going to be very decentralized coop advocacy. Is there any way to get metrics to see how effective this will be?
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Good question, only metric I can think of is looking at edited Wikipedia article pageviews.

Thanks for being active there - I have just talked with a enthusiast who can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, German, English and Malay. He is happy to do some translation stuff so we should be able to give our first bounty in the next week :)

Don't be shy to propose new articles or things to be added to Wikipedia!

@LeoSammallahti Thanks, I have been thinking about what new articles and things can be added, I added myself to the wikipedia project for cooperatives. I love the process so far and believe this is what we need for the cooperative movement and what will help benefit society the most. Thanks for organizing this. and Merry Christmas and holidays and happy new year!

^ Interesting that the people of this coop don't seem to have any problem with what they're doing. In fact, this is pretty much like the political and promotional PR editing of Wikipedia which is prohibited by rules and guidelines. But as long as politicians and corporations can game Wikipedia, why shouldn't the coop movement?

When authors answer the call of this coop to write about coops in Wikipedia, they need at least to disclose their affiliation.

See also:

Geoff Brigham (Wikimedia Foundation), "Making a change to our Terms of Use: Requirements for disclosure" (2014)

Terms of use/FAQ on paid contributions without disclosure

@LeoSammallahti @Jon_Envisioneer

@simsa03 @Jon_Envisioneer

Totally legit and valid concerns, perhaps I should've addressed those points more in the article.

If the co-op members who get paid openly display that, and they do not promote products/services with personal commercial interest, there is no problem. Especially since the coop itself is so transparent.

I have talked with the former head of Wikimedia Finland about this and he said it should be okay.

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