What are some things you have changed your mind about when faced with research?

I was convinced that social media and the internet increases echo chambers and filter bubbles, but there seems to be pretty convincing research showing this is not the case. Might even be that the opposite is true.

The Malthusian Population model. It was amazing how quickly my preconditioned beliefs were destroyed by reading a few papers.

@thoughtcrime @LeoSammallahti

Yeah it's sad how easily people are led to believe that population reduction is a good thing, or even that the Malthusian Growth model is at all accurate.

@LeoSammallahti wow is that real? One thing I've changed my opinion about a lot (not because resarch but) is feminism

@LeoSammallahti I would need to dig deeper into my references for confirmation, but my impression is that people may be encountering other opinions more often than "echo chamber" implies, but encountering those opinions is not changing their minds. Instead, those with extreme political views are having an easier time finding other with similar views, forming smaller "echo chambers", e.g. MRAs, incels, neonazis etc. So the idea might hold some water, just on a different scale.

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