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What kind of idiot tries to convinces you less free speech is a good thing, and calls that left wing?

I'm totally serious here. Dafamation and Libel mean something very specific.

It doesn't mean anything you want it to mean.

And its these weirdly right wing "lefties" on twitter, giving left leaningness a bad name.

Rather than toning down, I feel like as I get older I'm radicalizing.

I'm serializing my fiction on Hubzilla. Rather than promoting individual pre-posted stories, it posts it to twitter once the article is written.

In practice, this means people being led to writing, not book links.

Definitely my preference.

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For those interested, the #wattpad Science Fiction profile has added my short story "Intervention" to their collection of scifi short stories - Read it in "Nano Bytes - A Collection of Short SciFi Stories" - Intervention by TechieInAK by @Wattpad_SciFi #wattpad

#amwriting #scifi #freebooks #wattpadstories #sciencefiction

And its really the bosses fault, cause a lot of times, they insist on you adding them on social media.


On Hubzilla, I can talk about things like shoe fetishes more freely. On Twitter, it's pretty much just out in the open.

I could accidentally tell my employer that into ladies in Boston clogs or Dutch style wooden shoes without socks, and he'd wonder why I'm talking about sex. Considering that I've had bosses that fire you for religious differences, I have absolutely zero faith they wouldn't fire you for fetish talk.

Obviously, unless you're job is porn.

@mooncalf Hey just a heads up, if you have controversial opinions in anyway, Wattpad might not be the place to be: I've had to battle unsubstantiated rumors about me to death since 2016.

This is despite the fact that I never engage with anyone that hasn't specifically engaged with me.

I just don't want a fellow feminist to experience the same shit.

There is this one user, that seriously has this paranoid issue about me. I notice this about the other issues as well.

Wattpad is becoming ... increasingly dangerously authoritarian in its moderation style.

I'm weighing the merits of deleting the account.

Article is written. Will be on Wattpad soon.

Don't get me wrong. I won't lie and say I haven't crushed on Francophone spies before. But that's not real life. Spies are bad people. Usually.

If a French girl can get a hold of you through bluetooth in Tennessee, US that involves a whole other thing. Something like Bluetooth by Proxy. Life isn't an Espionage Romance novel.

Well to clarify. No foreign national hate follower (like a French girl) that thought I was that cute.

Luckily, I don't think I ever had a hate follower that thought I was THAT cute.

If your hate follower lives close enough to sync up with your Bluetooth, you have a whole other problem.

They'd basically have to live in my area, as Rumble requires syncing up through Bluetooth.

I'm only giving out my mastodon, perinatal, and quitter.

A twitter fan who hate follows because gurl'er n Serapu tvey gung ungrf Nzrevpnaf is a determined stalker if they can get ahold of my Rumble without my explicitly giving it out.

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#FF #QOTO_FF #qoto
A Follow Friday from the QOTO instance.

People on qoto worth following:

@Surasanji - Postin' #RandomQuestion and #ShareTheMusic , along with equally random thoughts, memes, and whatever!

@pkok - Native Amsterdam lecturer AND student in AI/Robotics, starting the new academic year. Also screwing up in the kitchen.

@commandelicious -
Posts Fun facts, history and catsI post Fun fact

@spinflip - A guy with interesting hobbies

@arteteco - Enviromentally minded, great DIY projects

@absolutus - A fellow moderator and good friend. Nice guy.

@Demo318 - Interesting ideas, and good conversation. Looking forward to potential polite debates!

PS if anyone on my server didnt make the list this Follow Friday then you probably didn't opt-in. Message me for details.

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