Want something "on-topic" based on your URL, how about this, since it's based on your URL.

How about a worker coop way of learning foreign languages. Seriously, Duolingo has been more than disappointing in a number of ways.

@strypey I love it, although the way online has been lately ... has given me some serous trust issues.

How much of your home is revealed?

Wattpad Issues, 

Yea all the main people still following me.

@freemo I think I'm more confused than ever now. I might have to say goodnight, and rest my brain.

@freemo Well it wasn't Mooncalf I guess, she's not even on hackers.town.

@freemo Well for example, I don't think I've ever been banned on GNU Social or Diaspora. Certainly not Peertube.

@axbxgdd Here we go, night mode theme was what was messing me up.

So wait a minute then, how do I know I wont be banned here at social.coop for being "off-topic"? What does that even mean?

Ok now I'm confused about this design feature.

@freemo Rather doing a witch hunt (not my style) I just got to wonder why someone would ban just for being off topic.

How am I suppose to know what the topic is?O_o

@freemo So it wasn't just my perception then?

So it's not a Mastodon thing as a whole?

Cause I deleted both my accounts from my website. I can readd one though.

@freemo This one admin felt like deactivating merely because I was off topic.

I think I'm seriously going to have start blacklisting some non free speech domains.

Dont want people saying things "off topic"?

Then don't allow signs ups. It's really not rocket science.

Do not start a war with me, I will blacklist your domain in a heartbeat.

@freemo Then he can not bother reactivating it, good riddance.

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