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Has anyone ever thought of constructing decentralized networks as concurrence to the internet? We could use radio frequencies to propagate data or even satellites. Or mesh networks. And if we restrict it to text files data transfer could be pretty easy, less harmful concerning viruses and could even be one-time-pad-encrypted. Referring to textfiles.com you can download a big part of the ancient American BBS network on a single telephone. It's some gigabytes in total (excluding pdfs).

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Or Swiss, anything with an S in it. Shitter beaker.

Is there CSS for French men? Because I can't seem to smack the shit out of the S button.

When you get cynical enough, things that used to piss you off suddenly become a lot funnier.


Figured out a method of installing npm, nativifier, and making an application from my ebook, all in one fowl swoop.

I may have to figure out something else, if I want to share thi webnovel applicaton.

One of the annoying things about Github: I can't even send a reasonable amount of pre-built apps. I have to make all the folders on site.

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yo just a reminder: mastodon is pretty cool but it's not really a secure platform whatsoever. someone determined could relatively easily get your private/locked messages. i don't think this is a reason to be afraid of mastodon, but do not use it for sending sensitive information to anyone.

I wonder if this raver guy has a website?

The guy is still at it. If you want to rave, go to a Rave party.

Finally had to remove a lot of applicatons from my phone. It doesn't make sense to use the phone for any other purpose than scan QR Codes and call people. Maybe text.

No matter what, it seems like Dawrfs in every fantasy legend, seems ... a little funny.

And I just mean them being short either.

Evidently Carnivals go way back.

Based on what I'm reading, the Swiss literary scene is mostly known for poetry.

Which makes me wonder, what exactly make my work appeal then. I mean I do write poetry, but ... I would say my prose is poetic.

Apparently Swiss Family Robinson actually is a Swiss novel. I thought the Swiss portion was a lame pun, or maximum, only swiss in the same way a Swiss Army Knife is considered Swiss.

Problem, as I'm a little preoccupied learning French at the moment.

Well there seems to be a problem: if I want to read of any of this lady author's work, I'll need to learn Swiss German.

What does it say about society, if one cannot even ask for context about a situation, without being libelled as a nazi?