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Want something "on-topic" based on your URL, how about this, since it's based on your URL.

How about a worker coop way of learning foreign languages. Seriously, Duolingo has been more than disappointing in a number of ways.

Wattpad Issues, 

Yea all the main people still following me.

So wait a minute then, how do I know I wont be banned here at for being "off-topic"? What does that even mean?

Ok now I'm confused about this design feature.

Dont want people saying things "off topic"?

Then don't allow signs ups. It's really not rocket science.

Do not start a war with me, I will blacklist your domain in a heartbeat.

Change must happen on an individual level, let society work itself out. But leave me out of it.

I'd like to believe Hedges when he says the best revolution is non-violent.

But humans don't have a good track record of not being violent.

No wonder they had the guillotine until 1978.

It doesn't bode well for the US, if we the experience its own revolution.

But yes, please telling me about how learning French history is Francophobic.

(My ex room mates words, not mine.)

France, has been in non-stop revolution, according to a French girl I know.

Remember that the French revolution was betrayed.

Capital punishment, yay or nay, will become the defining issue of the century, especially as greater divide between rich and poor goes full swing.

Whether its the US, Europe, Asia, or Africa, I can't even trust the media to determine is somewhere is for more government or less.

Sorry righties, capital punishment is a government restriction by definition. Murder is murder. Guess what that means, less government.

Having more government, will not eliminate capital punishment.

And I can't even trust activists at times, cause so often they're going by the wrong activism.

You have to be active for the right reasons. Simply have this aimless activism, is why--from my understanding, we got the 1980s in the US.

I was telling a friend on Belletristica, or rather asking, what does Left Leaning even more anymore. It feels like an era when down mean up, and ant-gravity means falling straight down.

And whom I thought was the left, is advocating for more government restriction? That used to be the opposite of the left.

I feel like my reality is falling apart.

Left leaning doesn't mean "attack the communists."

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