What if the Right Of First Refusal laws used for trailer park residents were extended to tenants in other traditional rental situations?

Rash decisions based on hopes -and poor business fundamentals- are destined to fail. I really hope @PoguesRunGrocer seriously reconsiders this approach, and gets professional assistance elsewhere. It would be an utter shame to lose this food co-op.

"of the next Board of Directors on February 26th, 2018. This is being done for two reasons. First, we need to increase average daily revenue by 2.6% and we're hoping the discount will encourage members to spend more money in the store and at the deli."

@PoguesRunGrocer looks like they're unintentionally sabotaging themselves. Seriously?! A 10% discount AND the need to increase daily revenue by 2.6%?! You just dig your hole, deeper, folks!

I recently received a newsletter from the @PoguesRunGrocer, where they highlight the dire business survival situation of their store. The problem is, one of their solutions is only going to make things much much worse.

"Starting immediately, all members will receive a 10% discount on every purchase (excluding alcohol), This discount will also be extended to non-members who are enrolled in the SNAP program. The discount will be in effect through the seating..." [cont.]

Noam #Chomsky #Video
Talks at Google / 5 June 2017
'In this talk from Google Cambridge in May of 2017 Professor Chomsky discusses wide ranging topics from the development of his personal political views to the control of information and media...'


Social.Coop hivemind. How do we move more folks from Facebook to here?

Idea. A daily scripted email sent out to all Social.coop folks. Everyone commits to reposting to Facebook/Twitter, imploring them to move to Social.coop.

Good idea? If so, how to get this into overall strategy?

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