Hey there folks (and hello again fediverse). I've been on recently but I'm excited to see what's happening here. Hoping to find and share resources on in general, but I'm particularly interested in tech co-ops, small-scale farm/garden co-ops and the role that co-ops play in social, economic and environmental justice causes. I'll probably also toot a bit about and maybe

@adinfinitum Thanks! Looks really interesting, I'll check it out

Thanks, I haven't had a chance to dig into it much just yet but I'm liking what I've seen so far

@KcTerry Hey, there! I'm another recent addition and very much into the same topics. We're still working on getting our tech coop off the ground but we're getting more traction this year. Excited to hear about your projects.

@funwhilelost welcome! That's exciting, best of luck with your co-op, and good to hear things are looking up for you all

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