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Another series in the has been collaboratively written.
To view our story notes from the last session of today: cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/s
I will be creating the next scenario and would like to know where our participants and audience want the story to go next. Please let us know what you think of the story we have written together here or PM me. loomio.org/d/Ypm7z0t1/disco-in

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Join us today at 5 PM EDT for a Live action role playing game session where we will act out a meeting related to how a fictional food delivery company goes on a retreat to discuss their plans for creating another Distributed Cooperative node in a nearby city. details are listed here


OR backup at:

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The FairShares association has done a LARP much like ours that we can use as a template.

Also this would be good to look at for guidance. wiki.guerrillamediacollective.

And How do people feel about doing the LARP every other week to give us more time to prepare. I think I can prepare a better game with another week of time but can try to make something quick if needed.

I am really excited to see how distributed cooperative, model will revolutionize the way we live and work together. Learn more at disco.coop

I have worked on a model called usOS, the us operating system, which is a platform for traditional corporations to use to gradually transition to community owned governance models, platform coops.
Read more about it at:
It is similar to

Jon Bean :TwinPines:'s choices:


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