"I’m hearing too much “recycle, compost, go vegan!” and not enough “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions”"


@syndikalista I agree. I often say that the solidarity economy precedes the regenerative and sustainable economy because of facts like this. We need to build solidarity enterprises and create and pass laws and support systems to build a solidarity economy before we can build a sustainable world.
The problem is systemic so we need to change the system not so much just our little corner of it.

@Jon_Envisioneer I often say, that we should avoid the discourse of sustainability, since we moved to sustained destruction years ago. We need to focus on regenerative economies, regenerative environmental pratices. "We" need to put more back into the environment than we take out of it. Solidarity enterprises are one part of that, a crucial one i suppose.

@syndikalista It is harder to imagine a world where concentrations of ownership and wealth lead to a sustainable economy. I sense that we need to have a more distributed economy, which means companies have to be democratically owned and controlled rather than be autocratic as they are now. It is interesting to see how the occupy wall street movement lead to people starting cooperatives. Some of us just give up on trying to force an unwilling government to change the system and start coops.

@Jon_Envisioneer that fits the quote i found today: "We lack heartiness, naivety, self-evidence. __The so-called enemies would have a sacred respect for us if we did what we could do.__" Gustav Landauer

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