It would be cool if we all made a semi-commitment to post and interact here :TwinPines: all at the same time in synchronicity each week for one hour like every Saturday at 3 pm. Doing things together is easier than doing them alone. 😀


How about on a given day (since we are spread across global time zones)?

@Matt_Noyes Right, maybe on a given day would be more inclusive with others in other timezones. Or maybe have like four different hours spread out through that day like 12 pm 6pm, 12 am, and 6 am, not sure if that would increase synchronicity more than just any time on a day, so maybe on all hours of a day would work best.

@Matt_Noyes I like . I think people can set goals for every Saturday for tooting once, making one reply, and retooting one post. For all who participate, we can track interactions in a contribution accounting system and later give some rewards/gifts and badges and a do a contribution lottery of some sort.

@Jon_Envisioneer Is that 3pm UTC or 3pm rolling, each person in their own time zone? I like this idea and would commit to either or both.

@ruby It would probably be better to just do it anytime throughout the day Saturday local time.

@Jon_Envisioneer @ruby I've been tending to be on here on saturdays too!

@peaks yeah Saturdays are good day for socialization on It is in the middle of the weekend so should be open for most people to participate a bit.

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