Absolutely gutting. As much of Amazon's tactics were a flop, those were just the ones we saw. Numbers like this means the boss got to each worker earlier and more often. La lutte continue

Co-op meme stocks

From a discord user:

"so like I don't know how fast you could do this, but if you could create a consumer co-op retail investment platform that DIDN'T block trades on meme stocks and you did it while everyone was itching to buy tons of meme stocks..."

A lovely day off to play some tunes. Shared with relatives in Limerick. They said I'm a dinger with the Irish (language). Had to look that one up! Thanks fam :)


Been so busy with orders during lockdown. Curious what these perks will be.

FOSS Gadgets 

Forgot what a joy it is to use rockbox

Aaaand that's why we use radios just in case :)

Signal is down

Found this podcast covering the differences between advocacy, mobilizing, and organizing extremely helpful in my work.


They don't call them 'forever bikes' for nothing.

Clydesdale fork from crustbikes has increasingly been my go to for cargo and food delivery. I still love the bullitt, but its amazing what you can get done with a cargo fork on any old bike :)

Linux stuff 

Having a hard time finding a decent CLI podcast catcher. Was using bashpodder but it downloaded EVERY podcast episode since 2019. Bit excessive

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Looking for social media with neither CEOs not fascists? Join us at Social.coop, a cooperative Mastodon instance, a friendly gateway to the fediverse.

Self hosting 

Looking to host a wordpress, nextcloud, and possibly mumble on local hardware. Looks like docker with nginx the best way to do this

worker vs producer coop 

The current model for worker co-ops in our province doesn't provide much for precarious gig workers trying to organize. It assumes you have a shop where everyone is already an employee with steady employment. While that's 100% a goal for us, we're stuck with the industry as it is and that means having to roll with multiple app gigs to make a living wage.

Wondering if anyone else has faced this and if they looked at becoming a producer co-op of freelancers or otherwise.

Just blocked twitter on all my devices too. Looking forward to a 2021 without a constant screaming low level panic in any of my browser tabs :)

Finally ending my Amazon Prime membership.

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What's a good RSS reader that I can use which can sync between 2 (or more) PCs?

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Did you know that YOU can join the IWW in under half an hour?

Did you know that you can be a member of the IWW without unionizing your whole shop?

Did you know that you can be a member of the IWW and they will help you unionize your shop?

Step 1. Make a redcard account: redcard.iww.org
Step 2. Apply for member ship on redcard
Step 3 (optional). Contact the IU (industrial Union) you want to be in and join up!

Ask me for assistance if you are having trouble signing up! :boost_ok:

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For anyone interested in the history of RiseUp.net, one of the oldest community-hosting collectives using and recommending exclusively free code software, here's a 2020 interview with some of the collective members:

Note the comments on the role of Indymedia in their genesis and growth.

#RiseUp #CommunityHosting #FreeCode #Indymedia

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Milwaukee used to be ruled by socialists in the early 20th century. One reason for their success was organising a network of cooperative enterprises, a method their modern successors have not utilised enough.

"How socialists created a co-operative commonwealth in the American midwest" on Mutual Interest, a free online media owned by readers & writers.


Become a member here and help distribute our funds using participatory budgeting:


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