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Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here:

We've been functioning as one for sometime, but we just voted and payed the lawyer for Veloz Courier to officially incorporate as a worker co-op :)))

Just created my account at and did some testing.

I was expecting a clunky 'open source zoom' alternative. Instead, I was met with a service that's above and beyond what zoom offers. Even things like annotations which don't work properly with zoom on linux, worked flawlessly. I also love their implementation of slides with no need to use screen share. Watching youtube videos works really well too. So impressed :)

About to formally incorporate as a worker co-op after sitting on the fence for a long time. Will make an announcement and hold a little online celebration once its official :)

If you missed my talk on winter cycling, the stream vod is up here:

Linux speak 

Switching everything back to fixed release cycle. Just couldn't stay on top of all the updates and rebooting

Now that I'm stuck at home for a while, I'll be prepping our winter cycling workshop to be streamed live on YouTube.

Love it when a shopify app waits until after I've put in all our postal codes to tell me there's a 3000 character limit. And now it won't even load

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Suffered a fractured arm in a very weird crash. Thankfully I dong need surgery but I'll be sometime before I'm back on the road again.

Happy 10-9 day! Since 1991, October 9th has been bike messenger appreciation day. 10-9 being the radio code for "tf u say?"

For all my fellow workers on the road past and present, thank you for all you do! o7

I'm very worried about the future of Firefox and I don't understand what Mozilla are doing right now. Its not my industry but wtf is going on and is there any hope for a non google browser?

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I'm Buddy, pronouns he/him/el/any said respectfully. I'm a public education worker and graduate student who would like to engage in dialogue toward forming union co-op community open schools. Autonomesque and anarcho-syndicalish, I with the and a certain business union. Look out for post about , , stuff, being , my , and living as a guest on unceded territory in so-called

It's pissing rain right now as I read the news of thousands of amazon workers contracting covid at work.

We have a saying between couriers on the road,

"When it rains, we get wet"

I don't think anything else could some up what it means to be a frontline worker right now.

The amount of friends, family, and acquaintances speaking disparagingly of capitalism just in the last few months is staggering. They really don't see a for profit way out of this mess and neither do I.

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This is why we need more diversity of platforms, and more user/participant ownership.

For videoconf / webinars specifically, see, for example:


Zoom refusing to allow SFSU to broadcast a Leila Khaled event on the grounds that she is a terrorist should make everyone very angry.


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I worked with NOVA Web Coop to launch a new site for Uber, Lyft and other independent drivers unionizing in Colorado.

We used , a web platform built for unions.

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