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hey have you heard that the IPCC released a new report of critical importance on August 9, 2021, and you wanted to read it but it's a bunch of fucking PDF files and that's not working out for you?

WELL COOL cause i extracted all the text for you and put it in per-chapter HTML files and I also dug up the actual long descriptions of the future scenarios they use throughout the report without explaining them for SOME REASON???

anyway here you go

"Aid and Abet. Critical Race Theory and the Silencing of Black Scholarship" by @digitalsista

A new UBOS #linux release is available for your self-hosting needs. Updates include much better support for Docker-based development with pre-configured containers, IPv6, and hundreds of package updates.

My long-term supplier @ASICSamerica gave up on serving me with the gel I've been buying for many generations, so I give up on them, and I'm in the market for comfortable shoes suitable for standing at a for many hours a day. Suggestions?

One of my favorite commands: "btrfs device add /dev/sdd". Has saved my most valuable this and the other so many times.

This software comes with instructions for AIX and HPUX. It's been a while that I've seen that.

The "SEAMs paradigm": "platforms Surveil people, Extract their personal data, Analyze that data ..., and then circle back to Manipulate" by @richardswhitt

Of all changes to the German language since I left Germany, “gendern” (the verb, imported straight from English including its pronunciation with a dsch… at the beginning) just completely floors me.

Power outage today, at 96F. Seems to me that as the planet gets warmer and as temperature variability goes up, we'll get more temperature peaks, thus higher electricity demand peaks and thus more electricity outages just when it is hottest. Right? Have a nice summer or summers.

Achievement unlocked: first haircut that’s not DIY in 16 months or so.

Replaced my malfunctioning 28" monitor with a 32" one last week. The other 28" now feels really small. That's how quickly you get spoiled!

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